Love Never Fails?

Recently, I was hanging out in my bedroom, folding and putting away clothes, when I took an interest in a framed calligraphy piece on our wall that says, “Love Never Fails.” That wall hanging has been there since the day we moved in, but tonight I finally took it in for the first time. Love […]

When Mountains Look Like Pebbles: Why Recognizing Others Is Important

The power of recognition is in the giving, not the receiving. The moment you feel you deserve recognition is the most suitable time to give it to someone else. Be grateful you feel as if you’re making a difference and cherish the fact you are. There are people moving mountains today who feel as if they might be kicking at pebbles. Let them know they are essential, and let them know what they do matters.

My Monday Morning Cup | Kindness Elicits Gratitude — The Devotional Guy™

In last Thursday’s post, I shared how overwhelming kindness can be in our lives. One act of kindness blossoms into a garden of positive fruit. A natural outcome stemming from kindness is gratitude. Kindness elicits gratitude. When we express thankfulness and praise, we distinguish ourselves as believers from those separated from God and still struggling […] […]