A Letter To My Colleagues

Nothing I can say or do will compensate for the burden now placed on your shoulders. If I were to come up with a magnificent display of characters, verbs, nouns, and the like, know that I would give them to you. But the hope I have does not come from calligraphy or neon lights; it’s […]

Accept What Is Broken

The featured image above reminds me a lot of who we are. In our state of anger, frustration, and annoyance at the world’s brokenness, we often attempt to fix it. Like the aimless hammer batting away at nails on board, we leave things more broken than before. It’s not that we should turn a blind […]

Reflections From the Home Team by David Welter

Hey Christian Responders! This week I wanted to highlight a man I’ve met briefly through my church congregation. His name is David Welter, and he’s a retired Principal, Coach, Author of two books, and a Cancer Survivor. I encourage my follows to click the link below and check out his latest post about conflicting truths […]

The Way of Wisdom

We continuously live in a world where others seek to violently be understood at the expense of others. This is not how God wants us to behave. This is not how we are to understand each other.