When Mountains Look Like Pebbles: Why Recognizing Others Is Important

1 Corinthians 12:12-27

  • Read passage alone or with a small group.

Sometimes I get the feeling that somebody should recognize me. I mean, come on?! I’ve been in dangerous places, done good things, and have helped an adequate amount of people to have at least earned some frivolous award recognizing my contributions, right? Well, while having one of those similar nefarious thoughts one day, I decided to do something crazy and defiant toward my feelings. I nominated someone else for a prestigious recognition award (Yay, go me, right? Okay, not the point here). When the presenter placed the prize in the nominee’s hands weeks later, the tear-jerking words that shook the room were, “I come to work sometimes wondering if I’m enough. So this means so much to me, thank you.” 

It was with those words I learned a precious lesson:

The power of recognition is in the giving, not the receiving. The moment you feel you deserve recognition is the most suitable time to give it to someone else. Be grateful you feel as if you’re making a difference and cherish the fact you are. There are people moving mountains today who feel as if they might be kicking at pebbles. Let them know they are essential, and let them know what they do matters.

Recognition isn’t about recognizing the greatest among us; it’s about recognizing the greatness within each of us. We all offer tremendous value when we are at our best, and identifying what that individual best is helps everybody move forward as one. If you already know what makes you great today, find something that is great in another. And don’t hold off telling them about it. 

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the humble, meek, and kind-hearted who make tidal waves with their presence, but see only small ripples where they trod. Please help us not only to recognize these people but to imitate them, also. Strengthen our resolve in the face of such dark times, and remind us to uplift everyone for the contributions they give. Cleanse our hearts, keep us grounded, and may Your Glory be resounded. Amen.

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