Game Day Gospel

Matthew 5:21-48

  • Reflect on Matthew 5:21-48 alone or with a small group

Paraphrasing the late Vince Lombardi, the influential coach of the Green Bay Packers: we must chase perfection knowing we cannot obtain it, and along the way, we’ll catch excellence. Vince nurtured one of the greatest teams ever to play in the NFL. His high expectations eventually lead his team to win the first Super Bowl there ever was! In the Matthew text for today, Christ calls on us to do the same thing. 

During the sermon on the mount, Christ expels common misinterpretations of the commandments; and instead of lowering the bar for us, He raised it exponentially! He highlights some demanding expectations that make our hearts clench up. We are like football players trying to win the longest NFL Superbowl game known to humankind: our lives! Our rival in this game is our sinful selves. Yet on the sidelines, in the huddle, and on the yard line, Christ calls on us to chase perfection, seek forgiveness when we cannot obtain it, and along the way, catch excellence. 

Excellence through Faith is made perfect through Christ.

Dear Heavenly Father, Your law is perfect and just. It’s the guiding path to a life of holiness within us. Strengthen and purify our hearts, Lord. Break down the barriers of our unrighteousness, and reveal Your Glory to the world through us.

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