A Bulwark of Endurance

Romans 5:1-8

  • Reflect alone or with a small group.

Right now, there is so much destruction and hatred in the world. Amid the stresses of a pandemic, the trained and oath-bound servicemen and servicewomen who strive to protect their communities are considered public enemies. Regardless of the sea of judgments, theories, and moral rationalities, one thing is apparent: our law enforcement brothers and sisters are going through a colossal test. While police and societal reform are a positive outcome to strive for, it’s the grueling journey getting there that requires a painstakingly patient endurance. An endurance that requires Christ to be the focal point.

Paul writes his letter to the Romans with a clear understanding in mind: we are all sinners, we all deserve God’s Wrath, we all undeservingly got God’s Love, and our Faith in Christ reforms us. God so loved the world that he sent his only Son to die in place of the wicked and ungodly (us). This Truth shows that God is willing to bring us out of any affliction, including the ones we caused ourselves or the ones others brought on. It is this understanding our brothers and sisters on the thin blue line need to know. Trusting in God, Leaning on God, and Hoping for God are the bulwarks to steady the onslaught and allow us to endure until these dark times are over.

Heavenly Father,

We know that trials and tribulations are one of Your methods at bringing us into a closer relationship with You. Remind us now that these trying times are just that. Strengthen our hands, hearts, and minds. Allow us to endure these sufferings. And bring us out of this period stronger, closer to You, and more equipped to represent the Kingdom through our works. Amen

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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