A Dull Dish Needs Salt!

Matthew 5:13-20

  • Reflect on Matthew 5:13-20 alone or with a small group

For me, salt has a way of sprucing up just about any dish I put it on. If any meal I cook seems dull, a pinch or two of salt adds to the final product immensely. Salt has a significant presence within the food. In Matthew 5:13, Christ says that WE are the salt of the earth! Our Godliness makes a noticeable presence in the world. 

 However, Christ gives warning that salt without taste is useless. If I had tasteless salt, I would probably get rid of it. Having bland salt in my food wouldn’t make any sense! Ironically, there are many times in our lives where we are like the useless, tasteless salt. There are times when we don’t take an interest in a patient or times when we don’t do the right things intentionally. Instead of allowing our Faith to manifest itself and spruce up the world around us, we chose to be dull. We add nothing special to the plate of food.

 Today we all need to BE the salt of the earth! BE the significant image of God to the patients we see or the glimmer of hope our coworkers need! BE the ONE ingredient that makes this dull world delicious. Let’s BE ONE with Christ today and let His Glory add a significant taste to the world.   

Dear Heavenly Father, stir in us a Spirit of significant change. Lend us your strength and help us be like salt; so, we can spruce up the world around us with your message of Mercy, Grace, and Truth. Amen.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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