Don’t Drop The Cross!

Matthew 16:21-28

  • Reflect on this passage alone or in a small group.

There have been numerous 911 calls where I haven’t wanted to deal with people’s problems. Situations where I knew the right thing would’ve been to listen actively and support people going through some challenging emotions and difficulties. In these moments, I had a choice to burden myself with the cross and be present in their emergency. Yet, instead, I ignored their feelings, focused on getting the job done, and decided they weren’t worth the extra emotional attention. The results? Missed opportunities to make a terrible situation for others seem a little better. Potentially, an opportunity was missed to create lasting Kingdom impact too. As an ambassador for Christ, I failed to offer the same love as has been provided me. I dropped the cross. It landed somewhere along the highway and never made it to the scene.

Those numerous calls haunted me as I read this week’s passage. To do as Christ has done, we are to burden ourselves voluntarily. Furthermore, who and what we respond to does not excuse us from dropping the cross, either. For those people and situations where the burden feels the greatest on our shoulders, we are to cling tighter to the cross more than ever! The burden Jesus carried was at it’s greatest while He hung on the cross, yet he held it even for the ones spitting and mocking him. How much easier is it for us then? Can any of us say we’ve had a more massive cross to carry than God’s Son? A blameless man ultimately separated from the Father on behalf of all humankind? The next time you feel like the cross is too unbearable, remember who took it for you. Please don’t drop the cross for those who need it too.

Heavenly Father, 

Thank you for your powerful love that eclipsed our sin on the day of Your Son’s death. Teach us and remind us we can offer this same love to others if we choose to burden ourselves much as your Son did. Amen.

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