A Pebble for Your Fears?

Matthew 14:22-36

  • Reflect on this Scripture alone or with a small group.

When I was in 7th grade, I remember coming home from a youth gathering with my confirmation class. The weather was horrid, and the Iowa National Weather Service made the Top 10 list on the radio. We were terrified of the storm encompassing us. As if preying on our worst nightmares, a tornado emerged from a treeline one acre away and barreled straight for our vehicle! I remember pulling a cross-covered pebble out of my pocket—a gift we all received from the conference. I was murmuring under my breath, something like, “God, save us! Don’t let us die.” while I squeezed the heck out of that rock. Moments later, the twister spun out of existence before our eyes. I looked onward in disbelief as the earth reclaimed the cyclone’s spoils, and the ominous clouds dissolved. I then whispered, “Thank you,” to the unfortunate pebble that held out against my sweaty palm.

Peter probably underwent similar emotions the moment he saw the wind and began to sink. His situation narrates how finicky our faith can be. Peter’s Trust in Jesus’ command is what sent him over the boat and onto the sea. Only an incredible Faith could have done something like that! However, the instant his focus left Jesus, his unrelenting faith in Jesus left too. Yet he cried out, “Lord, save me!”; and immediately, Christ grabbed onto him and took him to safety. What a solid reminder that God forgives even our brief agnosticism if we call for Him to help. Whether calm seas, hurricanes, or a whirling tornado, call on the Lord. Whether you have steel faith, crippling fear, or an abused pebble, call on the Lord. He’s walking right beside you in the same kind of weather, ready to save. 

Heavenly Father,

Every call we respond to is rife with uncertainty. We may be navigating gentle waters or pouring into the most detrimental storm in existence with every arrived-on-scene we say. With every tone we hear, remind us that You’re watching over us from the mountaintop and will be among us when You’re needed. Even when our faith is rocky, Lord, save us. Amen.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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